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Auburn High School is the only Victorian government high school to be offering a bi-national French program.The French program is internationally-recognised and offers students a very creative approach to language learning.
In addition to this program all students not in the bi-national French or bilingual Chinese programs study French or Chinese as a compulsory Language Other Than English (LOTE) subject in years 7 – 9 and can continue with their study to higher levels if they wish to.
Students learn half their subjects in English and half in French to ensure high levels of skill and confidence in both languages.
Students learn the following subjects in French (52%): French (Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling and Writing), Mathematics, Humanities (History/Geography/Economics), Science. Students learn the following subjects in English (48%): English, Technology and/or Arts, Health and Physical Education, Students may also study Chinese as an additional language.
The program has been designed to meet the requirements of both the Victorian and French governments (i.e. it meets the Victorian AusVELS requirements as well as the requirements of the French Instructions Officielles).
This curriculum is accredited by the AEFE since 2016 and the school is offering the Brevet des Collèges for the first time in June 2017.
For further information: Ms. Genevieve PAPON, French Binational coordinator: